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aggregates & quantifies market consensus positioning on individual stocks using Machine Learning, Big Data and Crowdsourcing to produce actionable insights and analytics.

Crowdsource Market

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CrowdThnk aggregates disparate, unstructured data sets such as institutional investor reports, surveys, 13Fs and custodian reports to gather a complete picture of the market consensus positioning of a stock. CrowdThnk quantifies positioning scores on a simple scale of 0 to 10, representing levels of consensus positioning crowdedness.

Aggregate & Analyze with
Big Data

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CrowdThnk utilizes cutting-edge Big Data technology combined with Machine Learning Algorithms to process and analyze our crowdsourced datasets, truly harnessing the power behind the Wisdom of the Crowds. This revolutionary approach accurately measures consensus positioning data, providing a valuable market insight on a previously abstract data point.

Insights into Future Market

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CrowdThnk publishes weekly stock market positioning scores for over 4000 global companies, providing a method for investors to quantify what has historically been an abstract and difficult-to-measure metric. CrowdThnk then assigns probabilities on future price movements over discrete time periods, based on historical price patterns with respect to positioning scores.

Actionable Market Insights Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds

CrowdThnk is an investment research platform providing quantified market positioning data on financial stocks.

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