Case Studies

At CrowdThnk, we believe market positioning is one of the most important factors in driving future price movements. These are a few historical case studies in which our positioning data helped to identify profitable trading opportunities, giving our clients a competitive edge in the stock market.

Case #1 – Tesla (TSLA)

  • Positioning oscillated significantly between extremes over the past year
  • Historical Patterns suggest a high probability of Mean Reversion when Positioning reaches extremes in this stock
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Case #2 – Amazon (AMZN)

  • Long periods of heavily overweight positioning new 9-10 levels
  • As a momentum stock, stock price keeps heading higher as strong positioning induces more inflows and conviction
  • Historical patterns suggest overweight positioning begets more buying for Momentum stocks
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Case #3 – Netflix (NFLX)

  • Elevated and positioning ahead of July 2018 earnings announcement
  • Clients hedged and adjusted portfolio by being cognizant of oversubscribed positioning and skewed risk-reward on the event
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